Monday, 8 August 2016

How I Would Build A Home Cinema

I love watching films and TV, but wouldn't it be great if I could watch them on the big screen any time I like, without having to put up with the usual downsides to visiting the cinemas. Unlimited selection - I can watch anything I own, not just what films are on at the cinemas now - no other people causing distractions in my private cinema room, the room will be much cleaner as there is only a few people using it and it is easier to clean.
There are a few things to consider with my idea for a cinema at home:
1. What to put in the cinema room?
2. How to access and store my media?

1. What to put in the cinema room?
My idea of a cinema room would be a completely separate room to anything else instead of a roll down screen in a different room, the room would have no windows so would be completely black and have soundproofing around the walls so that people outside the room can't hear the film, and so people who are watching a film don't get disturbed by noises from outside.
The room would have two sections, a large main section with the screen at the front, and the seats towards the back. And behind that would be a small room containing all the cinema equipment and the projector.
I would also include games consoles - a PC, a PlayStation and an Xbox - so that I could play my games on the big screen if I wanted and would have a controller for each console with each chair in the room. The computer would use a keyboard and a mouse which would go on a plank that sits over the arms of the chair.
For audio I would go for the high end Dolby Atmos setup, this gives the most immersive audio experience and would consist of a series of speakers around the room - a sub-woofer at the front, and a series of satellite speakers around the walls and on the ceiling. 

2. How to access and store my media?
For films and TV shows I would buy the BluRay discs and rip them to a home server using MakeMKV so that I can access full copies of all of my movies and shows without constantly having to swap out discs, the discs would be used as a backup of the copy made, and the discs would be placed on a set of shelves for display at the entrance to the room.
The full copies on the server will be added to a Plex media server running on the home server and they would be accessible by a computer running the plex client on the cinema system allowing for a very high-end looking setup where all the media is fully accessible with no loss in quality and is shown off with all information and artwork added by plex.
The games consoles would be mounted with disc drives in the back wall so that it is easy to swap out discs and change game.

I have not added any of the equipment that I would use such as what projector or audio system I would choose because the technology changes so often that the high end systems today will be overtaken by better systems in the future and it saves me having to rewrite the post every few months, I have just given an idea of what I would have a cinema at home do and how it would be laid out.

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