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Ideas For An Awesome Home

These are my ideas for what would make an awesome home and are basically a collection of what I would include in my dream home. Some of these ideas are more possible than others but I will include as much detail about each 'component' of my ultimate house.

Ill start off with a long list of all the parts that I would include (not including the standard stuff for a house like kitchen, or TV - they would be obvious in any home), and then I will go into more detail below.

  1. Library
  2. Reading nook
  3. Home cinema
  4. Swimming pool/swimming pond
  5. Treehouse
  6. Shelving ideas
  7. Storage ideas
  8. Pool table
  9. Camp area (with fire pit)
  10. Pirate ship bedroom
  11. Cool sheds
Right then, time to start getting some of these ideas out of my head and onto the page:

1. Library:
I love reading books, its such a relief after a hard day to get lost in a book. But when you love reading like I do, you want somewhere to store your books. That's where a home library comes in, I don't want a simple set of bookshelves, I want something interesting, fun and useful all at the same time. I have collected my favorite ideas for small home libraries together to create my ideal home library.
The home library is just a part of a room that has shelves for books, it doesn't have to be a separate room to the rest of the house, just a nice place for books.

I like this idea of having a whole wall full of bookshelves to hold an entire collection of books.
 This looks quite nice but the room seems to only hold the purpose of being a library and a place to read, I want my books on display in the house for everyone to see and then to have a small cozy reading nook where I can hide away to actually read the books.
Again, this idea looks very nice and is a wall full of books in a different room showing off the collection of books.
 This is an interesting idea but I would hate the idea of stepping on my books, the books would probably get ruined.
 This is nice, it shows off the books by the staircase but also provides a cozy area to sit and read, i would maybe consider having a reading nook under the stairs there with the bookshelves.
This is an interesting idea putting all the books on a bookcase under the stairs, I would consider something like this in my ideal home because it shows off all the books for everyone who visits and allows for easy access to them for anyone who wants to read.

2. Reading Nook:
I would love to have a reading nook in my house, a small cozy area where I can sit in comfort and quiet to read my books. I would include cushions and blankets to create a cozy space with a small reading light and a small shelf for just my favorite books and the books im currently reading to go on, all the rest can go in the library.
I often like to listen to some quiet music whilst I read so my reading nook would have an inbuilt speaker with an aux cable available on the small shelf of books so that I can plug in my iPod and play some music quietly whilst I read.
I also like shutting myself away when I read so the nook would be quite small and have curtains so that I am shut off from the rest of the house while I read, but I would also make the nook have a window so I can see outside because otherwise it feels too small and gets no natural light.
Here are some pictures of other people's reading nooks, I would take some ideas from these and mixed with my own ideas here to create the perfect reading nook to hide away while I enjoy my books. (There's a lot of pictures because there are a lot of different ideas that I liked)

This is one of my favorite ideas for a reading nook, It's a nice small cozy space tucked away with curtains so that it can be blocked off from the rest of the house and has a window for natural light during the day. All this would need is some shelves for a few books and speakers, and a big duvet or blanket to get tucked up cozy and warm while I read my book.
This one has the added bonus of a second reading nook further along in the wall so that multiple people can enjoy reading their books at the same time. 
This idea has some storage for books below, and would easily be able to add curtains but isn't my favorite idea as it isn't really hidden away enough and doesn't have such a cozy feel about it. Also with no window there is no natural light. 
 This nook is nice because even though it is not really hidden away - it is at the stairs - it is raised onto a higher level so would feel more hidden and has the shelves and window. All this would need is a curtain and a comfy duvet to make it cozy - oh and probably slightly higher barriers to stop you and the duvet from falling off and to keep the curtains in place.
 I like this idea of a nook tucked away from everything else but it seems too big and too open, it doesn't really give a very cozy feel.
At first I thought this idea was a bit rubbish, but the more I think about it, the more it seems to be a good idea, at first I had thought it looked very uncomfortable but with some cushions it would be quite nice. It definitely does need a small window though.
 I like this idea a lot, its quite large so could probably fit multiple people (not sure if that's good for a quiet reading nook where I would go to avoid distractions while I read) but it has the shelves for books and would easily fit a set of curtains down the front to block off the rest of the house.
 I think this is a good idea, its quite cozy with lots of light but it definitely needs to have a more cozy and comfortable set of cushoins and blankets to wrap up in and enjoy a good book.
 If finding an out-of-the-way nook to enjoy a good book is your thing (as is mine) then this is definitely a very good idea. It has shelves, lots of natural light and a comfy cushion. Adding some curtains and a few blankets would complete this reading nook.
 This nook has everything I would want, including curtains which not many have. All it needs is a window to let some more light in and I would be happy.
 This is another of my favorite reading nooks that I have found, it has a very cozy look to it and has everything im looking for except the curtains which would easily go in along the wood frame.
 Im not such a big fan of this reading nook, it seems more like a platform for a cats bed to go, but I added the picture because I really like the shelves and the ladder, for my ideal home I would find a way of adding these (definitely the shelves, maybe the ladder too) into my design of another nook.
 This shows a good use of space as there is a nice cozy reading nook hidden away above another room, I don't really like the blue lights or the ladder though, I would use the ladder from the previous picture and replace the lights with a softer light or a window.

This is a nice idea of a nook hidden away under the stairs, all it needs is a curtain and it would be a lovely place to hide away and read. I can just imagine sitting reading Harry Potter in here. 

This isn't really a reading nook, but I really like it so I would have this somewhere aswell. All this needs is a little light in the top and a nice comfy cushion that covers the whole of the seating bit and it would be complete.
Finally... after all those pictures. Here's the last reading nook I liked. Its nice and bright and the blankets make it look like a very comfy place to sit and read. And to add to that it seems quite nicely hidden away from everything in the corner of the house.

3. Home Cinema:
I've already made a post about how I would set up an ultimate home cinema. But seen as i'm covering everything I would include for the ultimate house, i'm going to include a bit more about the home cinema.
Here's a link to my original post about the ultimate home cinema.
In my original post I go into detail about what I would have in the cinema room and how I would access my media. 
I would build my home cinema with maybe five or six seats, not many because I dont want a huge home cinema, just a nice place for a few people to watch a film on a big screen (maybe 100 inches or more) with high quality picture and audio.
My dream home cinema room would be very similar to the one built on the Burke BunchTV YouTube channel, 
Here are their videos showing how they built the home cinema room:

Here are some pictures of other home theaters:

  This home cinema is a little bit too narrow. I would prefer the walkway to be down either side and their to be rows of either two or three seats each so people can sit together while watching the film.
 This is more like my idea though I would have a better audio solution than three speakers, I would have speakers around the walls and in the ceiling aswell.
 This is a cool cinema room apart from that little bit to the right. That would make it a little harder to be soundproofed so you would hear the film all over the house.
This is the last of the home cinema pictures, and is almost exactly what I want. The only thing I would do is to put a few framed movie posters along the walls.

4. Swimming Pool/Swimming Pond:
I have a few different ideas on what would make the ultimate swimming pool for the ultimate house, I have already shared one of my ideas in a previous post about a DIY free-to-heat swimming pool/hot tub. Here's the link for that idea. That idea comes from a few different posts about building a temporary swimming pool and heating it using a wood-burner. The heat from the wood-burner would also generate electricity to power an electric pump to feed water through the pipes to be heated.

Another idea of mine comes from a few that I have seen online before, of a natural swimming pond.
A swimming pond combines the benefits of both a swimming pool and a natural pond, it has a clear stone pool where you can swim in but around the edges are gravel or sand areas with natural drainage and plants, this filters the water naturally so you get a swimming pool that looks more natural, and is free from any harmful chemicals.
A swimming pond looks much nicer than a swimming pool,

 This shows how much nicer a swimming pond looks than a swimming pool, and this swimming pond has a set of wooden steps leading into the swimming area.
 This swimming pond looks nice, and has a ladder into it and some big stones to jump in off.
 This shows the plants and the gravel at the side of the swimming pool part which is what filters the water, keeping it fresh and safe to swim in. Some swimming ponds are so clean its even safe to drink from them.

 I like this idea of a swimming pond with a decking along one edge of it so you can have a set of chairs and a table to spend summer evenings eating by the pool, and also it gives a good platform for jumping in from.

 This shows another swimming pond with a patio/decking around the edge providing the perfect place to sit out by the pool and a platform to jump in from.
This picture shows a swimming pond under construction. Unlike a swimming pool, the swimming pond also contains a sloped area around the main pool which contains the gravel and plants to filter the water.

5. Treehouse:
Everybody needs a treehouse, I was lucky enough to have a small treehouse at my grandparents house, even though it was only partly built and never actually finished, it was very fun to play in the treehouse and build it.
In my ideal house I would have a relatively small treehouse, only big enough to hold a few cushions or seats to sit on, but my treehouse would have a rope swing and a zip wire. This dream probably goes back to the treehouse I have at my grandparents which has both a rope swing and a zipwire, both of which we built ourselves (and tested ourselves - I still remember testing the zipwire when the old pully we used broke and i fell out of the tree with the big concrete pulley falling on top of me!)
Here are a few pictures of other treehouse ideas (actually its lots and lots of pictures because there were so many interesting treehouses):

 This first treehouse is a small one, it has only one room and has a distinctly homemade look about it. That's what makes a good treehouse, a 'perfect' treehouse just isn't right, treehouses need to be homemade and this does just that.
 This is a much larger treehouse, and could actually pass for a full sized house, but it still carries the homemade 'wonky' feel that all good treehouses have.
 I have added this picture because of the play equipment built into it, it has swings which is also a must for the ultimate treehouse. That said though i'm not a big fan of the actual treehouse itself, I dont like the bottom platform.
 This is very different to anything else I've seen, but is still just as cool. It's like a set of giant birds nests acting as walled platforms in the trees to play on.

 I like this idea of a multi-level treehouse, with a different little treehouse for each level all accessed by a spiral staircase around the trees.
 This is another cool idea of a treehouse high above the ground but on the same level as the ground on the hill, and accessed by a rope bridge instead of a ladder or stair as is usually used to get into a treehouse.
This isn't really a proper treehouse, it's a plane suspended in the air. But I thought it was pretty cool so it's here.
 This reminds me of the Weasley's house from Harry Potter. It's like their house but abandoned and up with a tree growing through it.
This is another picture of the one earlier that was accessed by a rope bridge. I think this is a really good idea for if you are building a treehouse in a multi-level terrain.

6. Shelving Ideas - Cool Shelves:
This isn't such a big thing as all the previous ideas but boring old plain shelves don't make a house look awesome. So i've gathered together some shelves that would truly make a house awesome. The ultimate shelves.

 These would make a cool addition to any kitchen because you could put packets of food and spices, and recipe books on the cup shelves.
 This is interesting for a bookshelves being built into a chair but the seat itself looks remarkably uncomfortable.
 This is good for if you are a music lover. You could have your music books and albums on a grand piano shelf.
 This doesnt really have a theme like the previous two shelves, but it is very cool. A wonky shelf to store some books on.
 This set of shelves is less awesome than the rest, but it is still pretty good because it is an interesting way to hold lots of stuff on shelves instead of boring flat shelves.
 This isn't one of the best looking shelves around, but I like computers and what is better for storing all your spare computer parts than an old computer case mounted on the wall. This one goes one step further than the rest because I have a link to the instructions on how to make them. 
Another odd set of shelves, the actual wall has been build to peel away with the shelves between them. And even better the shelves light up at night.
This is my favorite of the cool shelves. It would make a great centerpiece in a room or a big hallway so its the first thing you see as you enter the house. I would really like something like this in my awesome ultimate home.

7. Storage Ideas:
Again like the shelves above this isn't such an awesome idea as some of the others, i'll get back to some more awesome ideas again soon. But every house needs storage so why not make it awesome storage?
Well actually some of this isn't so awesome, but is really useful. There is still a few awesome bits of storage here though.
This is a cool idea, a way to make use of the wasted space under the stairs to hide away anything that needs storing.
This is another useful way to make use of wasted space as a handy storage point. You could either use metal grates as this image has or put runners along each beam and slide the boxes in on top of them.
Here's and example of me being silly. This isn't much of an awesome or useful storage idea, its just tools hung on a shed wall. I liked the 'IN CASE OF ZOMBIES' painted above, that's why I added the picture.
Here's some under stairs storage, a set of pull-out shelving that makes for easier and tidier storage underneath a staircase.
This looks interesting as a good way of storing stuff under each step of the stairs. but the problem is if someone leaves a drawer open then you'll trip up on it going down the stairs.
Here's a good idea for a spare room, you can put all the bedding underneath a raised floor and have the beds on top.
I have a draw at home which is full of old cables, a big mess of tangled wires. This is a really good solution for that, you can wind the wires around in an empty CD holder and then you could put labels on the case to identify each cable, and stack the holders to store more.

8. Pool Table:
I like playing pool, I would love to have my own pool table at home, preferably in a whole room of its own.
These two photos show quite a fancy pool table, it has a wood panel that goes over the top transforming it into a dining table when not in use. I would probably prefer a separate pool table in a different room though.
 I'm not sure if i'm a fan of this colour scheme, but it's a pool table, and I like the idea of having arcade games and a dartboard in the same room. Like an arcade/games room.
 This is a really cool idea with all black. I'd prefer my ultimate pool room to be separate to the living room though, like in a big basement games room.
 This room goes along with the idea of basement games room with a bar, and it has an entertainment center aswell.
 This pool table is different to the rest. it has an interesting design. I would prefer this in black in a room like the one above.

9. Camp Area (With Fire Pit)
I enjoy camping a lot, and especially so if I can have a nice fire. So my ultimate home would have a nice area in the garden far away from the house with a flat grassy area for a few tents, and it would have a nice fire pit with raised banks around the edges to gather around the campfire and toast marshmallows.
Here are a few pictures of small camp areas:
 This is quite a small firepit, I think I would have a bit of a bigger one in my ultimate home.
Here's a bit of a bigger campsite, but it gets the idea across. Just a small grassy clearing where you can pitch a few tents.

10. Pirate Ship Bedroom
Time for the silly idea! A pirate ship bedroom would be cool but it would require a huge bedroom, especially for the one that I have found.
 As you can see, the pirate ship is quite big.
 And it has its own rope-bridge walkway to get into it.
 I guess it's more of a playarea within a bedroom than the bedroom itself.
I really really want one.

11. Cool Sheds:
You might not have been so interested as I have in the TV show George Clarke's Amazing Spaces. But it's basically a TV series that is focused entirely on awesome sheds and small spaces. I won't really go into much detail about each of the sheds because if I was to do that you would be reading this forever (that's if you aren't already... it's pretty long) and I like almost all of the sheds so its quite hard to pick a favorite. But you can watch all of the episodes on All4 through the link I gave above.
Here is a YouTube playlist of most of the episodes if you cant watch them on All4.
And here is the series trailer:

Okay then. That's about all my ideas collected together for what would make the ultimate home. I will be adding any more if I find them but for now I think i've exhausted every idea i could possibly come up with.

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