Friday, 9 September 2016

Creating A Photo Page For My Website

I have just added a new page that includes a gallery of my best photos. To do this isn't so easy in blogger as it doesn't come as a preset option so I had to learn how to edit the HTML code for the page. To start off with I didn't use HTML code, I just used the normal blogger page editor to upload all of my photos but there was no way for me to display them all side by side as small thumbnails like I wanted, so I had to look for other options. That's when I found a basic HTML code for this on another website and managed to modify it slightly to include my own photos and descriptions. The code allows me to display photos and will rearrange to fit different sized screens, it is explained a bit more on the website at the bottom under 'Responsive Image Gallery'

Thursday, 8 September 2016

A Week In Wooler - My Holiday

I had a holiday, went to Wooler for a week. Now I'm back I have a lot of photos from my holiday so I'm putting them here to look at.
I have added a few maps for some of the walks we did, the green line shows where we went.