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A Week In Wooler - My Holiday

I had a holiday, went to Wooler for a week. Now I'm back I have a lot of photos from my holiday so I'm putting them here to look at.
I have added a few maps for some of the walks we did, the green line shows where we went.

Day 1 - Boring journey and a stop at Hardwick Hall
Getting to Wooler was a long journey. A very long journey. But luckily enough for me I had my trusty iPod to keep me occupied with some good music on the way there.
After we had stopped for lunch at the services we had a very grumpy dog who needed letting out of the car, there wasn't much space at the services so off we went to Hardwick Hall for a nice wander around the ponds.
This is just a photo from the footpath around Hardwick Hall.
The Hall had its own chapel on the hill.
And a lake, that's the Hall in the background. It is now used as a hotel.
It also had some baby swans.
With a mummy swan in the background.
And my doggy really wanted to go play with the swans (or try to eat them up for dinner!)
There were some statues, this one was carved out of wood.
And this one out in the middle of the lake.
Here's the view from through the holes in the bridge over the stream.
And a crazy dog trying to get through the hole!
When another dog barks, he howls. that's his howling face!
The place even has a mini castle.

Day 2 - We went for a walk. Up a hill. 
This was the miserable day. It was pretty wet the whole time and we went for a nice walk up a hill to an old hillfort... Except that we didn't actually get to the hillfort because it was too cloudy to see anything so we turned around and went for a lower walk instead that took us around to where we would have ended up just skipping out the steep cloudy bit.
The walk set off from Wooler and took us up out of the town and along small country roads until we followed a footpath through the hills past a lot of sheep, lots and lots and lots of sheep.
Here's the map:
And all the photos:
The walk got off to a good start, we were walking up into the cloud.
We were almost up into the cloud by this point.
Here's a panoramic view of the valley below where we were walking.
Now we were in the cloud.
The camera had to go away for a while when the rain started and when it stopped we were in the woods.
He got a bit wet!
The woods was a nice place to walk in and came out on a grassy area on Wooler Common.
We went past some chickens on the way back.
Was this the chickens house? I don't think so, it looks a bit destroyed.
I thought this was cool. An old factory/storage yard that was all abandoned and falling down.

Day 3 - Holy Island (and a rather silly me)
On day 3 we went for a trip to the Holy island of Lindisfarne (Holy Island for short) where silly old me decided to walk all day around the island, including a trip up a hill to a castle, in my flip-flops and managed to get blisters on my feet.
This is the old abbey.
Here's the sea! We seemed to spend a lot of time around the sea on our holiday.
A little beach and an even smaller island that was fully submerged at high tide.
This boat... for some reason I liked this boat. I have a lot of pictures of it just floating there doing nothing.
Like this one.
And this one too! I like this photo even though its wonky. I think it looks good wonky.
Oh look, it's that boat again!
Now there's just a hill, this was the start of my problems wearing flip-flops.
Some more of the abbey, this time not a silhouette so you can see the old arches crumbling away there.
I had only just discovered how to take panoramas on my camera so I took a lot of them this holiday.
This is a cool photograph I took. it doesn't really show anything that I did, just a feather on the seaweed but I think it looks pretty.
Now a little bay where lots of boats were floating about, none of them are the boat from earlier that I seemed obsessed with.
A first look at the castle, it's not as big as the one at Dunstanburgh that I visit later on, but this one is still in one piece and you can look around.
We had a look around the castle and I didn't find it overly interesting but there were some birds just sat on the wall that didn't seem to mind us going close to them at all so I took this photo.
Being an island, there were lots of beaches, all rocky ones with pebbles instead of sand. but this beach was different, it was covered in loads of piles of rocks.
Here's another of my panoramas showing the beach and sea, you can just about see the rock piles in the right corner.
This is a better picture of the piles of rocks on the beach.
This was my favorite photo of the whole week looking out onto a few boats in the bay.
We found a little shop selling ice cream that had a garden to sit in and there were little birds everywhere.
All over the wall.
And on the chairs.

Day 4 - Linhope Spout waterfall and Etal
Today we did a lot, in the morning we went to Linhope Spout waterfall, and in the afternoon we went to some standing stones and a castle at a place called Etal.
Here is the map:
Now you can see all the pictures:
This was taken just after we left the car, we followed the road all the way down to the house in the distance and then followed footpaths from there.
I like my panoramas!
Now we are onto the footpath.
Through the ferns.
To the waterfall.
It was a very nice spot.
And I could get up above the waterfall, this is the water going over the edge at the right of the photo.
In the afternoon we went to some standing stone in Duddo, like a small version of stonehenge with two stones missing because a farmer wanted to get a plough in.
I like this picture that I took looking down the lane we had parked on to go see the stone circle.
There was a castle at Etal nearby which we went to aswell.
It was mostly a broken castle but still cool.
With two cannons outside it.

Day 5 - Dunstanburgh castle and the beach
Today we went to Dunstanburgh Castle, the proper castle, much bigger and better (and more broken and fallen apart) than the other two castles we saw. We also visited the beach around Dunstanburgh castle.
This was just a picture out of my bedroom window in the morning before we left.
Now we are at the car park looking out to the castle.
There's the castle a bit closer now.
And us on the beach.
More beach with the castle in the distance.
Some slimy rocks I found on the beach.
And some more.
This was a funny rock thing by the sea where the rock was like a wave.
And big cliffs, we had lunch at the top of them cliffs.
We were getting close to the castle here, almost there.
Nice view from the castle gates.
And from inside the castle gate.
While we were having lunch this guy came past.
This was the main castle building with a corner missing.
And a very blurry photo of Banburgh castle about ten miles up the coast.
It was very tall but a bit fallen apart.
And after a very long wait I finally got a photo without people in front of the castle.
I took this panorama from on top of the castle looking out to sea.
It was a lot more windy than it looks.
After the castle I saw these cool benches that are everywhere, the metal bit is in the shape of a serpent.

Day 6 - Just a small walk today
Today was my brothers birthday and he didn't want to do much so I just took the dog on a fairly small walk out of the village. It was a very nice walk though and I got to have an explore of an old abandoned quarry.
Here is the map:
And here the photos:
There was a small road down to the quarry.
I think it had been abandoned for a long time, the sign was barely there.
They had left behind some of the quarry equipment.
Here's another picture of it.

And a different quarry machine.
The footpath went along here around the quarry.
And up this valley
Along the footpath
Here is the next valley along
And another photo of it
Once we got to the top we could see where we had walked, the quarry is in there.
Another one!!
And more of those serpent benches
After the walk we went to a reconstruction of a very very old house.

Day 7 - A much longer walk today
Today we took a longer walk setting off backward the way I finished yesterday and along to a stream where we walked most of the day.
Here is the map:
And here is the photos:
I don't have any photos from the start of the walk because it was raining so the camera had to go away, but eventually the rain stopped and we were down by this stream 
 We went through lots of fields like this on the walk
 And found a bridge over the stream
 Looking from the bridge up the valley
 There's the stream
 And the remains of the old footbridge, cars had to drive through the stream
 We carried on through some fields with the dog running about like a mad thing
 We were in this bit at the bpottom of a valley surrounded by trees
 Doggy! Chasing me
 He was having a lot of fun
 We had to walk out through the woods
 On the road back we passed some sheep fields
 With an electricity pylon, I don't know why I took this picture
Sheep again

Day 8 - Leaving Wooler and going to my grandparents house
Today we left Wooler and set off for my grandparents, on the way - well actually in the wrong direction - we went to Cheswick sands to tire the dog out on the beach before the drive over.
There were hundreds of doggy pawprints on the beach when we finished
He was running around after his tennis ball like a crazy thing
More beach
Beach again
That's where the high tide went up to
A human pawprint!
Footsteps in the sand
Unexploded bombs!
With a footpath through it

Day 9 - All the way home - No photos from today.

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