My Photos

Here is a page where I will add my favourite photos that I have takes. Most of these photos are included in posts elsewhere in this blog too but I am collecting them all together here.
Click on any of the photos to enter the 'gallery' where you can look through all photos on this page in (almost) full-screen.
Mist In The Hills
Mist on the hills we were walking up into
Beach and Sea
View out across the sea from Holy Island
Footpath Through The Woods
Footpath we walked through some woods
Sailing Boat
My quirky photo of a boat out to sea
Feather On Seaweed
Feather I found on some seaweed
Harbor Bay
View out to the bay with boats in it
A bird that I found sat on the castle wall
Boats Silhouette
Boats silhouetted against the light on the sea
The main castle building with a missing corner
A statue of a girl carved in wood I found on a walk
Electricity Pylon
Just an electricity pylon in a field
Sea Through Window
The sea seen through a castle window
Dunstanburgh castle main entrance empty
View From On Top Of Castle
View from on top of Dunstanburgh castle
This sheep stared at me the whole time
This was my dogs pawprint in the sand
High Tide Mark
Photo of where the high tide reached
Human pawprint! - footprint in the sand

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