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I don't really have a specific topic that I write posts about, I just make posts about whatever I find interesting.
This page is where I will organise all my posts by rough topic because the main page is organised by date.

  1. My First Blog Post - Let's Take A Look At My Camera - This was my first ever blog post where I have added a few of the first photos that I took with my camera after I got it.
  2. Managing And Editing My Photos - A Look At Sony PlayMemories Home - My camera recommended using this free software so I had a look at what it does.
  3. I Am Selling My Photos - I started using Shutterstock to upload some of my best photos to.
  4. A Week In Wooler - My Holiday - After my holiday to Wooler in Northumberland I decided to share some of my photos from the week.

  1. My Idea For A DIY Heated Swimming Pool/Hot Tub - I took a few other posts that I found and created my own idea for a heated hot tub/swimming pool.
  2. How I Would Build A Home Cinema - This is what I would do to create my own home cinema.
  3. Ideas For An Awesome Home - These are all of my ideas (for now) of what I would do to make an awesome home.

  1. How To Play Civilization IV On Windows 10 - I found out a way to get my old Civilization IV disk working on Windows 10.

  1. Taking Apart An Old Computer - I got hold of an old broken computer so I decided to take it apart and see what was inside.
  2. I Decided To Add A New Page To My Blog - My Photos - Once I had uploaded all of my holiday photos I wanted a page to display all of my best ones together so after a bit of searching I found some computer code which i could modify to create an interactive photo page that shows all of my photos in a nicer layout.

  1. Ripping CDs Using FreeRIP - I tried this software to rip some of my CDs.

  1. Very Simple Lemon Chicken Recipe - One of the easy (and fairly cheap) meals that I have made at uni.

  1. How To Read A Map - I wrote a post (and will update it every now and then) on how to read maps and navigate on walks.

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